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Species of this Genus


Herbs or undershrubs. Leaves pinnate or abruptly pinnate, rachis ending in bristle, rarely with terminal small leaflet, sensitive; stipules persistent; stipels absent. Flowers in axillary, unilateral racemes; bracts and bracteoles scarious, persistent. Sepals 5, connate in a deeply 2-lipped calyx. Petals exserted, standard suborbicular, short clawed, wings oblique, oblong, rarely obovate, keels incurved, obtuse. Stamens connate in 2 lateral bundles of 5 each, anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, many-ovuled, styles filiform, incurved, stigmas terminal, capitate. Fruits lomentum, with flattened or turgid, 1-seeded joints, folded together inside calyx. Seeds reniform.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Perennial herbs; flowers in copiously panicled terminal raceme; seeds 2 2 mm, prominent reticulate veins S. blanda
1b. Annual herbs; flowers in simple axillary raceme; seeds 1 1 mm, not prominently reticulate veins S. sensitiva