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Herbs, undershrubs or shrubs. Leaves imparipinnate, leaflets numerous, obliquely parallel veined from midrib, silky beneath; stipules setaceous, spinescent; stipels absent. Flowers paired or fascicled in axil of leaves or on terminal leaf-opposed; bracts connate stipules; bracteoles absent. Sepals 5, connate in a tube. Petals all clawed, standard rounded, wings obliquely obovate or oblong, slightly adnate to incurved, obtuse keels. Stamens 10, vexillary filaments free, anthers uniform. Ovary sessile, 2- to several-ovuled, styles incurved, hardened, bearded or not, stigmas terminal, capitate, penicellate. Fruit a pod, linear, compressed, continuous or obscurely septate within. Seeds ovate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Calyx teeth deltoid, shorter than tube; leaflets acute, 9-12 pairs; undershurbs T. candida
1b. Calyx teeth narrow-cuspidate, as long as tube; leaflets obtuse, 6-10 pairs; herbs 2
2a. Pods densely clothed with long, persistent spreading silky hairs, pods much curved T. villosa
2b. Pods finely downy with short hairs or glabrescent, slightly recurved T. purpurea