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Species of this Genus


Epiphytic monopodial herbs. Stems ascending or pendulous, enclosed with leaf-sheaths. Leaves distichous, elliptic, starp-shaped or terete, fleshy or leathery, jointed, amplexicaul-sheathing at base, unequally bilobed at apex. Inflorescence lateral, few to many flowered racemes or umbel. Flowers small to medium-sized, fleshy. Sepals and petals free, similar, spreading. Lip firmly adnate to column foot, hypochile conical; epichile fan-shaped, hairy or papillose, margin entire to fimbriate. Column short, thick, footless; rostellum short, 2-lobed; anther subglobose, apex narrowed; pollinia 2, waxy, subglobose, porate or cleft, stipe narrow, viscidium bilobed.