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Stemless or short stemmed palms, stems clustered or rarely solitary. Leaves spirally or distichously arranged, sheaths with ocreas, petioles brown tomentose, pinnae induplicate, lanceolate or oblong, irregularly toothed, blunt at apex. Inflorescence of interfoliar spadices, pendulous or erect, branched to 1 order. Male flowers arranged in pairs, or sometimes triads of 2 male flowers flanking a non-functional female, bracteate, calyx truncate, corolla cylindric, deeply 3-lobed, stamens 6, adnate to corolla-tube. Female flowers smaller, carpels 2-3-celled, ovary stipitate. Fruit a drupe, 1-seeded. Seeds  plano-convex.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Female flowers crowded, 2-bracteate; male corolla twice as long as the calyx, mouth of calyx quite entire; female corolla shorter than the ovary Wallichia densiflora
1b. Female flowers distant, 3-bracteate; male corolla half as long as the calyx, mouth of calyx 3-toothed; female corolla about twice as long as the ovary Wallichia caryotoides