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Annual or perennial herbs. Leaves even-pinnate, rachis ending in a twisted tendril, stipules semisagittate, stipels absent. Flowers axillary, 1-3, or in peduncled axillary racemes, bracts small, caducous, bracteoles absent. Sepals connate in a campanulate tube, lobes 5, subequal. Petals exserted, standard obovate, emarginate, narrowed into a wide claw, wings oblong, oblique. Stamens 10, vexillary one free, anthers uniform. Ovary subsessile or stipitate, many-ovuled, rarely 2-ovuled, styles inflexed, filiform or flattened, pubescent with a dorsal tuft or subapical ring of hairs, rarely glabrous, stigmas terminal, capitate. Fruit a compressed pod, oblong to linear, 2-valved, continuous within. Seeds globose.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Stem prostrate; leaflets 4 or more pairs, rachis of leaf ending in a tendril 2
1b. Stem erect; leaflets 3 or fewer pairs; rachis of leaf ending in a simple point V. faba
2a. Flower solitary, sessile or subsessile, ± 1 cm; pods glabrous, 6-18 seeded V. sativa
2b. Flowers several in a peduncled raceme, ± 2 mm, pods hairy, 2 seeded V. hirsuta