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Epiphytic, scrambling, monopodial subshrubs. Stems erect to pendulous, terete, elongate, branched. Leaves terete, fleshy, channeled adaxially, jointed, sheathing at base; sheaths thickly leathery, tightly enclosing stem. Inflorescence axillary, 1 to few flowered racemes. Flowers variable in size, shape and colour. Sepals and petals spreading, similar, free. Petals usually larger; lip 3-lobed, adnate to column foot, immovable; lateral lobes erect, either embracing or parallel to column; mid-lobe dilated, apex 2-3-lobed; spur funnel-shaped. Column short, terete, fleshy; rostellum elongate; pollinia 2, shortly cleft, waxy; stipe triangular or subquadrate; viscidium large.