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Species of this Genus


Trees, rarely shrubs. Leaves mostly spiral, rarely sub-opposite, 3-4 verticillate, simple, entire or dentate. Inflorescence axillary or ramiflorous, simple, many-flowerd racemes. Flowers bisexual. Bracts ovate-acuminate to subulate, caducous or persistent, bracteoles minute. Perianth tube straight, limb subglobose, straight, segments 4, free or revolute at anthesis. Stamens 4, sessile, included, anthers oblong, connective apiculate. Ovary ovoid or globose, sessile, ovules 2, styles slender, stigmas punctiform. Disk glands free or connate into a cup. Fruits nuts or drupaceous, coriaceous, sometimes fleshy, usually indehiscent. Seeds 1-2, subglobose.