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Epiphytic, monopodial herbs. Stems short, stout, with thick roots. Leaves many, often lorate, long and narrow, coriaceous, channeled, jointed and sheathing at base, unequally bilobed. Inflorescences lateral, erect or pendulous, densely many flowered raceme; peduncle and rachis stout. Flowers resupinate, medium-sized, pink or white. Sepals and petals similar, spreading; lateral sepals often wider and oblique. Petals smaller than sepals; lip adnate to column foot, immovable, entire or slightly 3-lobed, midlobe clawed, spurred at base; spur laterally compressed and backward-pointing. Column short, with a short foot. Anther flat, beaked; pollinia 2, waxy, semi-ovate, caudicl; rostellum bifid. Stipe long and narrow, apex slightly dilated; viscidium ovate, usually small.