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Species of this Genus


Epiphytic, monopodial herbs. Stems short. Leaves few, oblong-lanceolate, obtusely bilobed. Inflorescence lateral, slender, laxly many flowered raceme, rarely subpaniculate, producing flowers at intervals; peduncle slender, sometimes thickened and  angled near apex; floral bracts minute. Flowers minute, thinly textured. Sepals and petals, subequal, oblong, ringent. Lip trilobed, firmly adnate to base of column, saccate or spurred, with a wide, broad opening, lacking interior ornamentation. Column small, cylindric, foot absent; stigma large; anther cap cucullate. Pollinia 4, spathulate, each completely divided into very unequal halves on a long, stipitate; anthers cullate, triangular.