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Species of this Genus


Monopodial epiphytic herbs. Stems slender, elongate, leafy, pendulous. Leaves distichous, overlapping, flat, oblong to lanceolate, fleshy, base amplexicaul, sheathing, jointed, apex unequally bilobed. Inflorescence axillary, racemes, densely few to many flowered. Flowers thick. Sepals and petals similar, concave. Petals slightly smaller than sepals; lip funnel-shaped, 3-lobed, spurred, lateral lobes suberect; mid-lobe very small, fleshy; spur long, hooked or curved. Column terete, bent down over spur entrance; rostellum conspicuous, thick; anther cap conical; pollinia 2, waxy, globose, deeply cleft, separated by a hyaline flange, attached by a common long, linear stipe to a large viscidium.