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Lianas, scandent or erect shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite or subopposite, rarely spiral, exstipulate. Flowers in axillary fascicles, cymes, thyrsiform or pancicles, 5 (4)-merous. Calyx small, 5-lobed, imbricate. Petals 5, imbricate. Disk thick, broad or conical. Stamens 3 or 2, filaments recurved, anthers transversely dehiscent. Ovary partly or completely immersed in disk, 3 or 2-celled, ovules 2-8 in each cell, styles short, stigmas simple. Fruits drupaceous or baccate, subglobose, indehiscent. Seeds 1-many, embedded in mucilaginous pulp.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers in fascicles from axillary or extra axillary tubercles 2
1b. Flowers cymes S. fruticosa
2a. Flowers less than 6 in a fascicle 3
2b. Flowers more than 6 in a fascicle S. wrightii
3a. Petals clawed at base; branchlets more or less angled S. chinensis
3b. Petals not clawed at base; branchlets terete 4
4a. Branchlets smooth S. salacioides
4b. Branchlets lenticellate S. malabarica