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Trees or shrubs. Leaves opposite, entire, glabrous. Flowers in terminal, axillary or lateral cymes. Calyx tube turbinate or funnel-shaped, lobes 4-5, deciduous or persistent, staminal disc thin to thick. Petals 4-5, rounded, concave, either  separate or joined at the top into a cap. Stamens numerous, free, filaments filiform, unequal in leagth. Carpels 2, syncarpus, ovary 2-locular. Berry pyriform, oblong, 1-celled, few-seeded, globose, crowned by the persistent calyx limb.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Petals 5 S. antisepticum
1b. Petals 4 2
2a. Petals free 3
2b. Petals united 13
3a. Flowers pale pink 4
3b. Flowers white 5
4a. Calyx-tube funnel-shaped; filaments brilliant pink S. aqueum
4b. Calyx-tube turbinate; filaments white S. megacarpum
5a. Leaves with short petiole or nearly sessile 6
5b. Leaves with distinct petiole 8
6a. Berry obturbinate; leaves elliptic-oblong S. samarangense
6b. Berry globose or pyriform; leaves oblong-lanceolate to lanceolate or obovate 7
7a. Inflorescence corymbose-cymes; calyx purplish, tube broadly turbinate, lobes unequal S. formosum
7b. Inflorescence trichotomously branched cymes; calyx greenish, tube funnel-shaped or obconical, segments subequal S. jambos
8a. Bracts, bracteoles and sepals triangular S. syzygioides
8b. Bracts, bracteoles and sepals not triangular 9
9a. Flowers pedicellate; calyx tube narrowly obconical; petals densely glandular S. ramosissimum
9b. Flowers sessile; calyx tube cylindrical, campanulate or turbinate; petals not glandular 10
10a. Leaves bicolor, upper surface green, lower surface reddish; berry spherical or subpyriform S. thurma
10b. Leaves unicolor, both the surfaces green; berry globose or bullet-shaped 11
11a. Calyx tube cylindrical, segments equal, inconspicuous S. claviflorum
11b. Calyx campanulate or turbinate, segments distinctly unequal; berry globose or obovoid-oblong 12
12a. Calyx campanulate; bracts triangular; berry globose S. cymosum
12b. Calyx tube turbinate, lobes broadly ovate-orbicular; bracts not triangular; berry obovoid-oblong S. praecox
13a. Flowers greenish-white S. tetragonum
13b. Flowers white 14
14a. Petals pseudo-calyptrate; lamina long acuminate S. attenuatum
14b. Petals calyptrate 15
15a. Leaves opposite, superposed, yellowish-green S. cumini
15b. Leaves opposite, not superposed, dark green 16
16a. Inflorescence trichotomously branched; calyx limbs truncate 17
16b. Inflorescence not trichotomously branched; calyx limbs not truncate, unequal S. oblatum
17a. Inflorescence rachis 4-angled S. fruticosum
17b. Inflorescence rachis sub-terete S. balsameum