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Shrubs or trees. Leaves petiolate or sessile, entire, glabrous. Flowers in compound bracteate cymes, often condensed to sessile fascicles of flowers or few-flowered heads, 4-merous. Calyx campanulate to cyathiform or urceolate, truncate or shallowly 4-lobed. Petals rotund, oblong or ovate, often oblique. Stamens 8, equal, isomorphic, filaments filiform, anthers small, elliptic. Ovary inferior, 1-celled, apex truncate, 8-salcated, ovules 6-12, styles filiform. Fruit a baccate drupe, globose or ellipsoid, pulpy or juicy, 1-seeded. Seeds globular, glabrous.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Calyx lanceolate to triangular-lanceolate M. pauciflorum
1b. Calyx bell-shaped or campanulate 2
2a. Calyx campanulate 3
2b. Calyx bell-shaped 4
3a. Leaves elliptic-lanceolate or oblong to elliptic, with inconspicuous mid-rib, base cuneate; flowers bluish-white M. cerasiforme
3b. Leaves elliptic or ovate, with prominent mid-rib, base rounded; flowers pure blue M. edule
4a. Leaves oval to oblong-lanceolate, short petioled; calyx greenish, limb obsoletely denticulate M. ovatum
4b. Leaves elliptic to ovate-oblong, long petioled (5-6 cm); calyx white, limb 4-toothed M. celastrinum