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Species of this Genus


Low trees; branches terete. Leaves opposite-decussate, margin entire; stipules linear. Inflorescence of 4 to 9-flowered, peduncled cymes, flower sometimes solitary. Calyx deeply 5-lobed, subtended by a cup-like involucre of bracteoles, rarely 6-lobed. Petals 5-6, bilobed with a long seta in the sinus, lobes multifid. Stamens numerous, on a disk, exserted, anthers 4-celled, longitudinally dehiscent. Ovary inferior, 1-locular, ovules 6 per locule, apical, styles filiform, stigmas 3-lobed. Fruits ovoid. Seed 1, germinating on plant. Hypocotyls cylindrical, spindle-shaped or clavate, apex pointed.