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More or less robust semi-parasitic shrubs. Inflorescence a simple raceme or spike. Flowers with a single bract. Corolla 5, gamopetalous, tube more or less dilated, bud constricted to a neck above the tube, clavate at top, later divided into 5 lobes down to the widest part, sometimes one slit deeper than the others, the lobes reflexed in the narrowest part, often somewhat twisted. Filaments connate with the corolla to few mm below the narrowest part of the lobes, their free parts flattened, anthers basifixed, slightly broader than the filaments, obtuse or acute, thecae 4, rarely locellate. Styles without articulation. Fruit a berry, usually ovate.


Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Flowers glabrous; corolla more than 20 cm long, shorter than tube D. falcata
1b. Flowers finely pubescent; corolla not more than 20 cm long, lobes generally longer than tube D. pentandra