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Slender or stout shrubs. Inflorescence a simple raceme. Corolla tube cylindrical before opening of flowers, later more or less inflated but remaining tubular, curved downwards, all lobes reflexed to one side. Filaments connate to corolla up to the narrowest part of lobes, free part flattened, anthers oblong, basifixed. Styles as long as corolla, without articulation, stigmas knob-shaped, thicker than style. Fruits club-shaped or pyriform, containing seed in wider upper portion, exocarp coriaceous, mesocarp viscous, endocarp woodened and fibrous.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Corolla and style more than 20 mm long S. gracilifolia
1b. Corolla and style not more than 17 mm long S. parasitica