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Annual or perennial, monoecious grasses, culms erect or decumbent, sometimes floating. Leaf-blades broad, ligules short. Inflorescence many in upper leaf-axils, each subtended by a glogose, bony or softer utricle, each inflorescence comprising 2 racemes, a sessile female, and a peduncullate male, subtended by a prophyll. Female spikelet : lower glume broader; upper glume narrower; lower floret reduced; upper floret hyaline; both florets staminate. Male spikelets : glumes subequal; lower glume, margins keeled; upper glume boat-shaped. Caryopsis subglobose to ellipsoid.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Lower glume of the male spikelets broadly winged; spikelets 5-6 mm broad Coix aquatica
1b. Lower glume of the male spikelets narrowly or hardly winged; spikelets 2-3 mm broad Coix lacryma-jobi