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Erect or climbing, evergreen or deciduous shrubs or small trees. Leaves opposite, decussate, very rarely spiral, alternate or verticillate, sometimes with dark dots underneath. Inflorescence axillary, usually lax cymose, rarely flowers in fascicles. Flowers bisexual, 4- or 5-merous. Calyx deeply lobed, imbricate. Petals imbricate, spreading or reflexed, entire. Disk fleshy or thin, flat, 4- or 5-angular or lobed or rounded. Stamens inserted on the disk. Pistil immersed in the disk, stigmas obscure, obtuse or discoid. Capsules loculicidal, usually (3-) 4-5 angular or lobed, sometimes globose. Seeds with aril.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Capsules partite almost to base E. lawsonii
1b. Capsules not partite or partite up to middle only 2
2a. Capsule lobed, angled or winged; apex retuse, acute or obtuse; small trees or erect shrubs 3
2b. Capsule unlobed or with shallow rounded lobes, apex rounded or nearly so; climbing shrubs E. theifolius
3a. Petals fringed or denticulate; leaves entire E. attenuatus
3b. Petals entire or crenulate; leaves serrate or entire 4
4a. Flowers serrate; flowers not blood-red E. glaber
4b. Leaves dentate-crenate in the upper half E. lucidus