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Trees or shrubs, dioecious, evergreen. Leaves simple, distichous; petioles slightly pulvinate; stipules asymmetric, early caducous. Inflorescences axillary clusters of reduced thyrses; bracts 4, surrounding each flower; pedicels jointed at middle in male flowers, elongating in female flowers. Male flowers: sepals 4-5, outer 2 sericeous, innermost petal-like, petals absent, stamens 8-15, with an androphore from which filaments branch alternately, pistillode pilose, 3-lobed. Female flowers: sepals as in male, staminodes absent, ovary on short gynophore, 3 (or 4)-locular, densely hirsute or echinate, ovule one in each locule, styles 3, stigmas divided up to style. Fruits capsular, subglobose, densely echinate with glochidiate hairs, dehiscing septicidally into 3 (or 4) segments; wall thin woody. Seeds ovoid, flattened, 1-3 per fruit, black, glossy, covered in upper third by thin aril.