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Species of this Genus


Climbing shrubs or small trees, monoecious or dioecious. Leaves alternate, penninerved, shortly petioled with discoid glands near base of lamina and at top of petioles; stipules minute, subulate, fugacious. Male flowers: fascicled on long axillary racemes; calyx into 3-4 segments; petals and disc absent; stamens 40-70, in a globose mass on conical receptacle, filaments free; pistillode absent.  Female flowers: axillary, solitary or pair wise on long peduncles; pedicels long; sepals 3-5, imbricate; petals, disc and staminodes absent; ovary subglobose, longitudinally 4-grooved, 2-3-loculed, ovule 1 in each, styles 2-3, filiform, deeply 2-3-fid above. Fruits double-globose schizocarpic capsules, 2-3-locular, consisting 2 or rarely 3 two-valved cocci. Seeds subglobose, coriaceous.