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Trees, evergreen, dioecious, watery or coloured sap, branches hollow inside. Leaves alternate, petioled, subpeltate, peltate, entire, palmately 3-nerved; glands often present at base of leaf-blade and at forks of lateral nerves beneath; petioles constricted at one or both ends, leaving large conspicuous scars on branches; stipules small, caducous. Inflorescences thyrsoid, branched, bracts and bracteoles concave. Flowers unisexual or rarely bisexual; calyx campanulate, 3-6-lobed; petals absent. Male flowers: clustered; stamens 6-10, spirally arranged on an androphore; filaments free; pistillode absent.  Female flowers: solitary; ovary 2-3-loculed, one ovule in each locule; styles united into a disc with lobed sessile stigma; staminodes absent. Bisexual flowers: clustered or solitary; calyx distinctly lobed; stamens 5 or 10, spirally arranged on a short androgynophore; otherwise androecium and gynoecium as in male and female flowers. Fruits drupaceous, indehiscent, 2-3-lobed, 2-3-loculed; stigma persistent. Seeds 2-3, ecarunculate, ellipsoid; testa hard, reticulately ribbed; endosperm whitish to orange, soft.