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Species of this Genus


Trees or shrubs, dioecious, glabrous, acrid milky juice. Leaves alternate or opposite, simple, serrate with glandular teeth, lateral nerves parallel or lax; petioles up to 4 cm long; stipules fimbriate, caducous. Inflorescences axillary or terminal bracteate spikes, racemes, male spikes catkin-like, longer than female; female flowers at base of male spikes, bracts concave, lacerate-dentate, entire, large sessile glands beneath at base. Male flowers: 1-3 in each bract, 2-bracteolate, calyx 2 or 3-lobed, entire; petals and disc absent; stamens 2 or 3, filaments free. Female flowers: few, calyx 3-partite, petals and disc absent; ovary globose, 3-locular, ovules one in each, styles 3, shortly connate into stout column, spreading. Fruits capsular rhegmas, depressed-globose, unlobed, 3 cocci. Seeds ovoid, carunculate, crustaceous.