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Deciduous trees, monoecious. Leaves alternate, crowded apex, glandular-serrate; petioles with 2 glands apex below blade; stipules divided into 2 or 3 glandless ciliae. Inflorescences terminal, on thicker branches, male and female flowers in separate thyrses of equal size. Male flowers: sessile in bud with up to 1 mm long pedicels; bracts with a pair of oblong-flattened glands touching axis of inflorescence; cymules 9-15-flowered; bracteoles completely divided into 2 or 3 ciliae; calyx 2 fused sepals; stamens 2, filaments slightly longer than anthers. Female flowers: 30-60 per thyrse, pedicels short; calyx 3-lobed, glandless; ovary 2- or 3-locular, smooth, style 2 or 3 undivided stigmatic lobes.  Fruits tardily and irregularly dehiscing, 2- or 3-seeded, smooth, columella winged. Seeds with thin fleshy arillus, ecarunculate.