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Sub-scandent, leafy herb with fibrous or tuberous roots. Leaves alternate, often radial. Flowers regular in axillary or terminal panicles or clusters of 1- 6 flowers. Stamens 3 with bearded or naked filaments Staminodes 1 – 3. Ovary 3-locular, ovule 1 or more in each locule. Fruit a capsule of 3 equal locules. Seeds 1- 5 in each locule.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Sees 1-seriate in each cell of the capsule 2
1b. Seeds 2-seriate in each cell of the capsule. Stem stout sparingly branched; pedicel articulated in the middle, petals white or blue liliac, seeds cubical, verrucate Murdannia blumei
2a. Cells of the ovary 2-ovuled. Leaves 3 – 5 mm broad, stem slender, branches decumbent Murdannia nudiflora
2b. Cells of the ovary 3- or more ovuled 3
3a. Root tuberous; flowers many in stout panicles; leaves 2 cm or more broad at base Murdannia elata
3b. Roots not tuberous, fibrous; stem slender, more or less decumbent; leaves up to 1 cm broad at base Murdannia spirata