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Species of this Genus


Monoecious, annual or perennial herbs, shrubs or trees. Leaves alternate, petiolate, stipulate, peltate, palmately-lobed, lobes glandular-serrate, penninerved, stipules united to form caducous sheath. Inflorescence paniculate, subterminal or leaf-opposed, bracts membranous, caducous. Male flowers pedicellate, pedicels auriculate, buds globose, closed, later splitting into 3-5 lobes, petals absent, stamens numerous, filaments variously united. Female flowers with pedicels, sepals 5, caducous, petals absent, ovary 3-celled, ovule 1 per cell, echinate, styles 3, papillose-plumose, dark red. Fruits trilobate, smooth or echinate, dehiscing into 3 bivalved cocci. Seeds dorsiventrally compressed-ovoid, carunculate.