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Species of this Genus


Shrubs, undershrubs or climbing herbs, monoecious, glabrous. Leaves alternate, entire or  reflexed, penninerved; petioles short; stipules linear or triangular-subulate. Inflorescences axillary, fasciculate, few-flowered, females on upper axils and solitary, males maturing singly per axil. Male flowers: pedicellate, calyx unlobed and almost entire or variously lobed (lobes 3+3), cupular or flattened and discoid or star-shaped, tips of lobes inflexed; petals absent; disc absent; stamens 3, filaments connate into a minute or short column. Female flowers: pedicellate; calyx segments 3+3, shortly connate, various shapes, outer larger than inner; petals and disc absent; ovary turbinate or subglobose, 3-locular; locules biovulate, styles short, broad, bifid and horizontal. Fruits capsular. Seeds triquetrous, without arils.