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Species of this Genus


Monoecious trees, with yellowish hairs. Leaves alternate, simple, symmetric, lower surface with 0-10 marginal gland, lateral nerves 15-26 pairs, arching but not joined at margin; stipules ovate to triangular. Inflorescences terminal, spike-like thyrses, unbranched, with pistillate and staminate flowers; bracts of male cymules triangular, at base with a pair of glands touching axis. Flowers actinomorphic; calyx 3-lobed; petals and disc absent. Male flowers: 5-7 together, distinctly pedicellate, stamens 3, filament and anthers of similar length; pistillode absent. Female flowers: 1-3 at base of staminate thyrse, ovary 3-locular; ovules 1 per locule; stigmata undivided. Fruits pedicellate capsules, dehiscent along septa, smooth; pericarp 2 mm thick, woody. Seeds ellipsoid, ecarunculate.