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Species of this Genus


Shrubs or small trees, dioecious, glabrous. Leaves alternate, distichous, entire or spinulose dentate, penninerved, eglandular but pellucid dots in each areole; stipules connate, caducous.  Flowers in short leaf-opposed clustered cymes. Male flowers: sepals 5, imbricate; disc glands many in between stamens, angular, comose or dentate apex; stamens many, exserted, free, on vaulted receptacle, numerous small glands at base of filaments; pistillode absent. Female flowers: sepals 5; disc cup-shaped; ovary 2-3-locular; styles 3, shortly bifid, spreading, stigmas 2-partite; locules 1-ovuled.  Fruit fleshy depressed subglobose capsule, shallowly 3-lobed, 3-seeded, tardily 3-valved, loculicidally dehiscent, bright orange, edible. Seeds subglobose, fleshy testa.