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Small trees or shrubs. Leaves more or less crenate or serrate or entire. Flowers in slender axillary or subterminal false racemes, spikes or panicles, solitary or fasciculate. Calyx tube  adnate to the ovary. Sepals flat, persistent. Petals alternating with the sepals, persistent. Stamens opposite the petals, solitary or in fascicles of 2-7. Ovary half-superior, 1-locular, with 2-3 or sometimes 8 placentas, styles 2-4, stigmas punctiform. Fruit a capsule, coriaceous or woody, 2-3 valved from the apex, or remaining indehiscent.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Stamens solitary before each petal 2
1b. Stamens in group of 3 or ore, on and or before each petal 3
2a. Flowers arranged singly in divaricately branched panicles H. nepalense
2b. Flowers in glomerules of 2-15 or more in simple racemes rarely shortly branched towards base H. ceylanicum
3a. Racemes elongate; stamens 1 opposite each petal H. bhamoense
3b. Racemes panicled and divaricate; stamens in fascicles of 3 opposite to each petal H. schlichii