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Annual or perennial grasses, culms caespitose. Leaf-blades narrow, flat or rolled,  ligules ciliolate membrane. Inflorescence of single unilateral or subdigitate racemes. Spikelets in pairs, one sessile and perfect, the other pedicellate and staminate or neuter; sessile spikelets dorsally compressed, callus  rounded; lower glume broadly convex to slightly concave, nerves many, with or without  circular pit, narrowly inflexed; upper glume thinner, 2-nerved, 2-keeled; lower lemmas hyaline, nerveless; upper lemmas membranous or reduced, awn twisted, geniculate; paleas rudimentary or absent. Caryopsis  dorsally compressed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Ligule a large membrane; leaf-sheaths terete; spikes usually corymbose or subdigitately fascicled Dichanthium annulatum
1b. Ligule a short ciliate membrane; leaf-sheaths compressed.Spikes usually solitary Dichanthium caricosum