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Usually climbing herbs to large lianas, glabrous or hairy. Leaves simple or compound, alternate, entire or lobed, petiole often glandular. Flowers in racemose or cymose inflorescence, bisexual, showy. Sepals 5, free. Petals 5, membranous, sometimes absent. Corona simple or mostly composed of an outer corona consisting of threads or filaments and flat or plicate inner coronas. Stamens 5(-8). Ovary 1-celled with many ovules, styles 3, free or connate at the base, stigmas capitate or reniform. Fruits baccate. Seeds compressed, reticulate.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Bracts not entire, pinnatifid or lacerate P. foetida
1b. Bracts entire, or caducous, never with glandular hairs 2
2a. Leaves unlobed, entire P. quadrangularis
2b. Leaves 2- or 3-lobed or 5-palmatifid 3
3a. Leaves (3-)5(-9)-palmatifid, lobes entire; petiole with 2-4(-6) glands; stipules large, reniform, clasping. P. caerulea
3b. Leaves deeply 3-lobed, lobes dentate; petiole with 2 glands apically; stipules linear-subulate. P. edulis