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Annual or perennial trailing herbs. Leaves angular, dentate, palmately 3-7 lobed. Tendrils simple. Flowers yellow, monoecious, rarely dioecious. Male flowers: in fascicles, calyx tube campanulate, 5-lobed, lobes subulate, corolla 5-partite, lobes oblong or ovate, stamens 3, free, filaments short, one 1-locular, remaining two 2-locular. Female flowers: solitary or fascicled, calyx and corolla as in male, staminodes 3, ovary globose or subcylindric, stigmas 3-5. Fruits polymorphous, fleshy, indehiscent, smooth or verrucose, many-seeded. Seeds ovate to oblong, compressed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Fruits smooth or pubescent 2
1b. Fruits setose or echinate C. hystrix
2a. Perennial; leaves deeply 5-7 lobed C. callosus
2b. Annual; leaves angular or shallowly lobed 3
3a. Fruits 1.0-1.5 1.0 cm, red; seeds 8-18 C. javanica
3b. Fruits highly variable, much larger; seeds >100 4
4a. Ovary softly hairy; young fruits not tuberculate C. melo
4b. Ovary hispidulous; young fruits tuberculate C. sativus