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Annual to perennial herbs, rarely subshrubs. Leaves simple, alternate, linear to lanceolate, entire to crenate-serrulate, exstipulate or stipules replaced by glands. Flowers bisexual in corymbose panicles or cymes. Calyx lobes 5, entire. Corolla lobes 5, twisted, fugaceous. Stamens 5, united at base to form a ring, often alternating with 5 minute staminodes, glands 2-3. Ovary 5-locular, ovules 10, 2 in each locule; styles 5, usually free; stigmas linear, clavate. Fruit a capsule, septicidally splitting into 5-10 cocci. Seeds compressed, smooth.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Petals 2.0 cm long, scarlet or red with dark purple centre L. grandiflorum
1b. Petals 1.2 cm long, blue or purple with purple striation L. usitatissimum