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Annual or perennial, climbing herbs. Stem and branches robust. Leaves lobed, base cordate. Tendrils 2 to many-fid. Flowers yellow, monoecious. Male flowers: solitary or fasciculate, calyx tube campanulate, 5-lobed, lanceolate or foliaceous at apex, corolla campanulate, 5-partite, stamens 3, inserted in calyx tube, filaments free, anthers linear, connate in a column, one 1-locular, remaining two 2-locular. Female flowers: solitary, shortly pedunculate, calyx and corolla as in male, staminodes 3, triangular, ovary oblong or globose, with 3-5 placentas, style short, stigmas 3-5 lobed or bifurcate, papillose. Fruits fleshy, many-seeded, indehiscent. Seeds ovate or oblong, compressed, smooth.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves charteceous; calyx not foliaceous 2
1b. Leaves soft; calyx foliaceous C. moschata
2a. Leaves acute lobes, peduncles 5-angular, corolla lobes erect C. pepo
2b. Leaves rounded lobes, peduncles terete, corolla lobes curved outwards C. maxima