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Species of this Genus


Annual climbing herbs, softly pubescent. Leaves suborbicular-cordate or reniform. Tendrils 2-fid. Flowers large, white, monoecious. Male flowers: long pedunculate, calyx tube narrowly campanulate or infundibuliform, lobes 5, corolla lobes 5, oblong-obovate, retuse, stamens 3, inserted at calyx tube, filaments free, anthers included, slightly coalescent or free, oblong, one 1-locular, others 2-locular. Female flowers: short pedunculate, calyx tube cupular, calyx and corolla as in male, staminodes 3, ovary ovoid or cylindric, 3-placentiferous, styles short, stigmas 3, 2-lobed. Fruits polymorphic, indehiscent, fleshy. Seeds many, obovate, compressed, distinctly marginate.