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Annual scandent herbs. Leaves 5-7 lobed, often gland-dotted. Tendrils bi- or multi-fid. Flowers yellow, monoecious, rarely dioecious. Male flowers: in racemes, calyx tube campanulate or turbinate, lobes 5, corolla lobes 5, free, spreading, stamens mostly 3, inserted at calyx tube, anthers exserted, oblong or dilated, one 1-locular, others 2-locular or all unilocular when stamens 5. Female flowers: solitary, calyx and corolla as in male, staminodes 3, rarely 4 - 5, ovary angular or cylindric with 3-placentas, style columnar, stigmas 3, bilobed. Fruits oblong or cylindric, smooth or echinate. Seeds numerous, oblong, compressed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Stamens 5, fruits not angular 2
1b. Stamens 3, fruits sharply angular L. acutangula
2a. Male flowers clustered in the axil; fruits spinous L. graveolens
2b. Male flowers on long peduncles; fruits smoth L. cylindrica