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Species of this Genus


Monoecious climbers. Leaves biternate, alternate, stipules absent. Inflorescence axillary, thyrse. Flowers unisexual, zygomorphic, the lowest pair of pedicels transformed into spiral tendrils. Sepals 5 or 4, free, imbricate. Petals 4, in 2 pairs, adnate to sepal. Disc one-sided, with a gland at the base. Stamens 8, slightly curved upwards, unequal; filaments free or connect below. Ovary triangular, 3-celled, styles short; stigmas 3, 1 ovule per cell. Fruits capsular, 3-lobed, inflated, 3-celled, papyraceous. Seeds with heart-shaped to orbicular hilum; albumen absent.