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Tall trees. Leaves deciduous, ovate or cordate, rounded, acuminate, dentate. Flowers dioecious, produced before leaves in elongated slender racemes or panicles, small, sub-glandular. Male flowers: calyx tube very short, lobes 4, ovate or oblong, petals absent, stamens 4, arranged around depressed disc, filaments elongated, anthers short, didymous, introrsely dehiscent, rudimentary ovary none or 4-sided. Female flowers: calyx tube 4-sided, teeth 4, short, petals absent, staminodes none, ovary intruded at apex, styles 4, subulate, short, stigmas sub-dialated, ovules inserted in 3-4 series. Capsule sub-globose, 4-grooved, dehiscing at apex between the styles. Seeds winged.