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Species of this Genus


Annual or perennial grasses, culms slender, erect or decumbent, nodes bearded. Leaf-blades linear, narrow, ligule membranous. Inflorescence solitary or subdigitate, 1-sided racemes. Spikelets single, shortly pedicelled, usually overlapping in two rows, callus hairy; glumes reddish, stiff, narrow, keeled, subequal, upper one wider; lower floret sterile, reduced to a hyaline lemma, upper floret bisexual, upper lemma hyaline, translucent, apex shortly 2-toothed, awned from sinus, awn glabrous, geniculate, apical part slender; upper palea absent. Stamens 2, filaments short. Caryopsis narrowly oblong, laterally compressed.