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Species of this Genus


Moderate-sized trees or large shrubs, deciduous. Leaflets imparipinnate, opposite, subsessile, oblong to elliptic or oblong-lanceolate, obtuse to retuse, crenate-serrate. Inflorescence axillary or terminal, much branched panicles. Flowers polygamous, bisexual or unisexual, 5-merous, shortly pedicelled on globose or cupular receptacle. Sepals 5, valvate, free. Petals 5, valvate, recurved. Stamens 10, free, equal, inserted at margin of receptacle. Disc adnate to receptacle with 10 lobes. Ovary sessile or shortly stipitate, 4 to 5-locular, 2 ovules in each locule, style short, 4 to 5-lobed. Fruits drupaceous, globose, fleshy, with 1-5 small furrowed, 1-seeded pyrenes. Seeds membranous.