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Shrubs or trees. Leaves simple, alternate, entire, petiolate, stipules absent. Flowers small, unisexual (male) and bisexual (plants polygamous). Calyx 5-partite, deciduous. Petals 5, linear-lanceolate, recurved, disk erect, filling calyx-tube. Stamens 8-10, usually 9, all fertile or some sterile, one usually larger than the others, filaments connate at base and adnate to disk. Carpel solitary, ovary 1-locular, ovoid or obcordate, ovule solitary, ascending from a lateral funiculus. Fruit a kidney-shaped nut, seated on a large, pyriform and fleshy mass derived from the accrescent disk and top of peduncle, pericarp cellular and filled with oil. Seed kidney-shaped, ascending.