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Species of this Genus


Woody climbers, unarmed, cataphylls present at base of shoots. Leaves simple, exstipulate, glabrous, with pustules along midrib. Inflorescence terminal or axillary, many-flowered, racemose or paniculate. Flowers numerous, yellow, short-pedicelled, bracts caducous. Torus short, disc-shaped, persistent, sepals inserted along margin. Sepals 6, in two whorls of 3 each, petaloid, densely tomentose on both sides. Petals absent, rarely petaloid appendages. Androgynophore subconical. Stamens numerous, nearly equalling sepals. Ovary shortly stipitate, ovoid, 3-loculed, 5-10 ovuled, style short or sessile, simple or 3 armed, stigmas 1-3, subulate. Fruits drupaceous, ellipsoidal, fleshy, 3-valved. Seeds few, ovoid.