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Annual or perennial grasses, culms often coarse and robust. Leaf-blades linear,  ligule absent or hairy. Inflorescence of racemes arranged on a central axis, densely spiculate, spikelet pairs in 4 rows, or congested. Spikelets narrowly elliptic to sub-rotund, plano-convex, acute to awned; lower glume triangular, 1/3- ½ spikelet length; upper glume and lower lemma equalling  spikelet, prominently 5-7 nerved, acute to rostrate or lower lemma awned; lower florets male or barren; upper lemma coriaceous, smooth, shining, shortly beaked; upper palea acute, apex reflexed.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Ligule a fringe of stiff hairs, at least in the lower leaves Echinochloa stagnina
1b. Ligule entirely absent 2
2a. Upper glume and lower lemma equally acute or cuspidate, not awned; spikes distantly arranged; spikelets 2.5-3 mm long Echinochloa colonum
2b. Upper glume and lower lemma acuminate, cuspidate; lower lemma usually long-awned; spikes relatively crowded; spikelets 3-4 mm long Echinochloa crusgalli