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Species of this Genus


Annual or perennial grasses, culms 20-170 cm high, decumbent, internodes hollow, nodes hairy. Leaves mostly basal, blades narrow, setaceous, ligule  fringed. Inflorescence spicate, or paniculate, open, axes persistent. Spikelets solitary or paired, secund, dorsally compressed, falling with  glumes, pedicel apices discoid. Glumes 2, unequal, awned or awnless, upper glumes 5-nerved. Lemmas firmer than glumes, rugose, indurated, mucronate to awned, glabrous. Paleas rounded, awnless, 2-nerved, 2-keeled. Lodicules 2, fleshy, glabrous. Stamens 3. Ovary glabrous, styles fused or free, stigmas 2. Caryopsis compressed.