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Shrubs or small trees or suffrutescent undershrubs. Leaves petiolate, usually alternate, entire, crenate or serraye, midrib prominent. Inflorescence simple or compound umbels or racemes. Flowers perfect, white to pink, pentamerous, rarely tetra- or hexamerous. Calyx shortly united at the base, persistent. Corolla shortly united at the base, filaments usually short, broad, anthers large, sagittate. Ovary unilocular with 3-12 or more ovules in one or more series. Berry 1-seeded with crustaceous or bony endocarp. Seeds solitary, globose with a hollow base.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Inflorescence panicles 2
1b. Inflorescence umbels or corymbose-racemes 3
2a. Calyx lobes triangular; anthers with red glandular dots A. paniculata
2b. Calyx lobes obtuse, oval or rounded; anthers not with red glandular dots A. humilis
3a. Undershrubs; corolla lobes asymmetric, narrowly rotundate, acuminate; calyx lobes broadly elliptic A. khasiana
3b. Large shrubs; corolla lobes symmetric, ovate, acute; calyx segments concave, usually rounded A. solanacea