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Maritime trees. Leaves paripinnate, leaflets 2-4 pairs, entire, glabrous. Flowers in short axillary thyrses, unisexual, whitish or pale pink. Calyx 4-lobed. Petals 4. Staminal tube margin with 8 suborbicular, irregularly divided lobes, anthers 8, included. Disk cushion-shaped, united to the lower half of the ovary, red. Ovary 4-5 locular, each locule with 3-6 ovules, style short, stigma discoid. Capsules subspherical, pendulous, 4-5 valved, leathery. Seeds irregularly tetrahedral or pyramidal.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Buttresses ribbon-like; bracts caducous; fruit with a short pointed tip; stigmas cupular X. granatum
1b. Buttresses not ribbon-like; bracts persistent; fruit without pointed tip; stigmas cup-shaped X. moluccensis