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Shrubs or small trees, armed or unarmed. Leaves alternate, 1-foliolate. Inflorescence axillary, fascicled or racemose or corymbose to umbelliform or paniculate. Calyx 3-5 lobed or partite. Petals 3-4, free or adnate to the stamens and united into a tube. Stamens 6-8, rarely 15-20, inserted round a cupular disk. Ovary ovoid, oblong to subglobose, glabrous, usually 2- or 4-locular, rarely 3- or 5-locular. Fruit a berry, subglobose to globose, 1 to 5-celled, 1 to 5-seeded. 

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Branchlets usually with axillary spines, to 2 cm long A. monophylla
1b. Branchlets usually unarmed or rarely with sparse short spines A. roxburghiana