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Species of this Genus


Climbing shrubs, stems long, slender. Leaves bifarious, ovate to lanceolate, apex tendrillar, longitudinally parallel-nerved, sessile or subsessile. Inflorescence paniculate. Flowers many, small, fascicled or spicate along  branches of terminal panicle, bisexual, bracteate, bracts small, scale-like. Perianth 6, 2-seriate, membranous, hypogynous. Stamens 6, ovate, filaments filiform, anthers liner-oblong. Carpels 3, ovary 3-locular, ovule solitary in each locule, style divided into stigmatic arms. Fruit a drupe, 1-2-seeded, globose, sub-globose or ovoid, exocarp succulent, endocarp bony. Seeds globose or ovoid,  testa adpressed, membranous.