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Erect or ascending perennial succulent herbs. Leaves opposite or alternate, simple, entire or deeply incised. Flowers erect, in many-flowered sub-paniculate cymes. Sepals 4-fid. Corolla 4 petals, united, forming flask-shaped tube with spreading 4-fid limb, much exceeding calyx. Stamens 8, in 2 series, adnate to corolla tube. Carpels 4, adnate to base of corolla tube, narrowed into exserted styles, stigmas obliquely truncate. Fruits many-seeded follicles.

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Leaves simple 2
1b. Leaves deeply pinnatified with twice or thrice forked K. laciniata
2a. Leaves ovate, flower red K. blossfeldiana
2b. Leaves spathulate to oblong, flower yellow K. lanceolata