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Scapigerous herbs, rootstock short, horizontal. Leaves linear or lanceolate, narrow, subplicately nerved. Scapes erect. Flowers small, racemed, bracts scarious. Perianth lobes 6, subequal, spreading, connate below into short, campanulate tube. Stamens 6, connate in a ring, almost closing the mouth of  perianth-tube, filaments short, anthers subsessile, introrse, dehiscence linear. Carpels 3, ovary 3-clled, stigma subesessile, 3-lobed, ovules 2 or more per cell, anatropous. Fruit a berry, imperfect. Seeds few, burst through the pericarp during ripening and rest on the withered perianth base. 

Key to the species

Serial Key Reference
1a. Bracts many-flowered Peliosanthes teta
1b. Bracts 1-flowered Peliosanthes violacea